Michelle Kezirian is joining NLSLA as our new Director of Litigation and Policy Advocacy and leader of the program’s Health Consumer Center (HCC).  In addition to overseeing HCC’s numerous programs and projects, Michelle will direct NLSLA’s policy advocacy initiatives, cultivate strategic litigation, and provide training/mentoring for NLSLA lawyers.

“NLSLA has been a model best-practices project at the forefront of healthcare advocacy,” Kezirian said. “It’s the premier health law provider in the community, and a leader statewide.”

Kezirian joins NLSLA with more than 19 years of public interest law experience.  Most recently, she served as Directing Attorney at Bet Tzedek Legal Services, where she was responsible for health advocacy, including creating and managing Bet Tzedek’s Medical Legal Partnership Program. She also teaches a course on “The Intersection of Law, Health, and Public Policy” at the UCLA School of Law.

She said NLSLA’s Medical Legal Community Partnerships, operating in community clinics and hospitals in Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods, have long been an inspiring regional and national model for advocates in the health law arena who are interested in a holistic approach to health.

“I was really attracted to NLSLA. The way in which NLSLA structured these projects, and the incredible team they’ve put together, is very sophisticated,” she said.

Michelle also has a wide range of experience and expertise, having litigated numerous complex, multi-plaintiff cases.  She most recently led a cadre of legal services and pro bono lawyers in an innovative slum-housing class action on behalf of poor immigrant tenants in the Central Valley.   She is a champion for cultivating and developing attorneys and advocates, and building teams to develop and carry out strategic advocacy and litigation.