Judge Orders County to Halt Unlawful Practice of Terminating Patients from Medi-Cal

Children, pregnant women and people with serious conditions and disabilities will no longer be left without medication and care simply because the county failed to process their Medi-Cal renewals LOS ANGELES, CA – A judge ordered Los Angeles County to halt its unlawful practice of terminating Medi-Cal recipients from critical coverage after failing to process… Read more »

NLSLA’s Charles Gillig Discusses the Crushing Weight of Medical Debt

When someone calls for an ambulance, they are at their most vulnerable. They are afraid for their life, or for the life of a loved one. So it’s especially concerning that at this very moment, despite being insured, they might be accruing medical debt that could paralyze them for decades. What good are emergency services… Read more »

Upsurge Of Suburban Poor Discover Health Care’s Nowhere Land

NLSLA’s advocacy to ensure access to critical care for Medi-Cal recipients across Los Angeles County was recently featured in the Washington Post. Here’s an excerpt: by Elaine Korry February 9 The promise of cheaper housing brought Shari Castaneda to Palmdale, Calif., in northern Los Angeles County, about nine years ago. The single mom with five… Read more »

Shriver Project Featured in ABA Article

The historic Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act, which established funding for seven projects in a statewide effort to provide representation to individuals and families in high-stakes civil cases, was featured this month in an ABA article. NLSLA leads the largest of California’s Shriver Projects–a collaboration with Inner City Law Center, Legal Aid Foundation of Los… Read more »

NLSLA Settlement Protects Hundreds of Thousands Each Month from Potential Loss of Medi-Cal

The state will no longer terminate eligible recipients without sending translated forms and complete information, ending practices that cost countless beneficiaries their critical healthcare LOS ANGELES, CA – Before advocacy organizations sued the state in 2014, hundreds of thousands of termination notices were sent out each month informing Medi-Cal recipients across California they would lose… Read more »

NLSLA Celebrates 12th Annual Just Neighbors

NLSLA hosted its 12th annual Just Neighbors celebration at the Skirball Cultural Center, where more than 300 friends and supporters gathered to commend the organization’s work changing lives and transforming communities across Los Angeles. In times such as these, when the national conversation seems unconcerned with the needs of the most vulnerable among us, NLSLA… Read more »

NLSLA Sues State For Unlawfully Pulling Patients With Complex, Serious Conditions Out of Specialized Care

Medi-Cal Patients with neurological disorders, cancer, end-stage renal disease, and rare genetic conditions are forced into managed care over doctors’ objections LOS ANGELES—Jane H., a 52-year-old Medi-Cal recipient with multiple sclerosis, drives all the way to San Diego to see her neurologist—one of just a few doctors who can administer the specialized treatment preventing her… Read more »

An intimate conversation with Dolores Huerta and Wilmer Valderrama

Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta and actor and activist Wilmer Valderrama joined NLSLA Sunday, August 6 for an intimate discussion about immigration, the American dream, and what it means to fight for the rights of families that are being pushed ever further into the margins. Valderrama—best known for his roles in That ‘70s Show and… Read more »

NLSLA Sues For-profit Medi-Cal Transportation Company That Leaves Vulnerable Patients Stranded Without Critical Care

Elderly and sick Medi-Cal recipients in LA County are at the mercy of a private company that endangers their health and fails to deliver them to life-saving appointments LOS ANGELES, CA – Patients in wheelchairs are left to roll around, unsecured, in inadequate vans. Dialysis patients consistently miss their life-saving appointments, or are left at… Read more »

NLSLA Urges County to Expand Eviction Defense

NLSLA housing advocates urged the Board of Supervisors to fund a new program that would significantly expand access to eviction defense throughout Los Angeles County. Here’s an excerpt from the Los Angeles Daily News story: At least 250 people a week seek assistance with eviction through the Shriver Housing Project-LA Eviction Assistance Center, which is… Read more »