Each year NLSLA provides free assistance to more than 100,000 individuals and families through innovative projects that expand access to justice and address the most critical needs of Los Angeles’ poverty communities.

Founded in 1965 as part of the nation’s War on Poverty, NLSLA is now one of the largest and most prominent public interest law offices in California. NLSLA attorneys, based in offices, courthouses and clinics throughout Los Angeles County, specialize in areas of the law that disproportionately impact the poor, including housing, public benefits and healthcare.

Our Advocates work with doctors to improve individual and community health, help families maintain income security during tough economic times, save homes and protect our neighborhoods, help survivors of domestic violence and victims of special crimes, and engage in high-impact legal advocacy that leads to systemic change.

Through a combination of direct representation, policy advocacy and impact litigation, NLSLA attorneys work to reduce the effects of poverty in Los Angeles’ low-income communities, support the development of opportunities for individuals and families to move themselves out of poverty, and protect and enforce the legal rights of poor people by ensuring access to our justice system.


“Their contributions to the community are immeasurable. I would equate it to throwing a stone into the water creating a ripple effect.”

– Judge Mark Juhas, Los Angeles Superior Court

“NLSLA stands out with a unique community empowerment approach.”

– Yolanda Vera, Senior Deputy for Health and Advocacy for Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas