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Client Story: Finding the Strength to Start Again

Although Sara Ribeiro had worked with victims of domestic violence in her native Colombia, she did not recognize the signs of instability and potential for violence in her own marriage until she herself became a victim. Ms. Ribeiro’s husband, an American Citizen she married in 2007, was an alcoholic. His addiction and consequential abuse soon… Read more »

Client Story: Speaking Up About Employment Abuse

Ms. Pui Ling Wong thought she had to stay silent about the abuse she was facing at work. Her employer at the garment factory where she prepared and packaged clothing for shipping routinely failed to pay workers required minimum and overtime wages to which they were entitled. Factory working conditions were often detrimental to workers’… Read more »

Client Story: Keeping a Family at Home

Deborah Torres was on the brink of losing her home, and she didn’t know where to turn to for help. On the day a sell date was posted on her front door, Ms. Torres called NLSLA. She was introduced to the organization through One LA, a coalition of faith-based institutions, schools, unions, and non-profits that… Read more »

Man Holding Baby

Client Story: Fighting for a Child’s Health

As told by NLSLA client Dong Gou When our daughter Esther was one month old, she became seriously ill. She’d been very healthy since her birth, but then suddenly she was unable to eat, unable to keep anything down. At first, my wife and I thought it was normal, but soon the problem became severe… Read more »