Monthly Archives: June 2019

NLSLA Responds to Community Fear About Proposed Immigration Law Changes

For months now, NLSLA advocates have been hearing from immigrants fearful of proposed changes to federal law, which could redefine who is considered a “public charge”—or taxpayer burden—in the eyes of immigration officials. “People are panicked, and they’re afraid their reliance on Medi-Cal and food stamps could impact their residency applications if the changes take… Read more »

NLSLA Sues To Protect The Immigrant Victims Of Violent Crimes

It’s been almost four years since A.S.’s husband tried to kill her, stabbing her repeatedly until a neighbor ran in to help. The shock and trauma of that day are still fresh, and A.S. can’t tell the story without breaking down. “After the first time he stabbed me I still didn’t know what he was… Read more »

NLSLA Bankruptcy Volunteer Awarded for Outstanding Pro Bono Services

NLSLA volunteer Mark Brenner was awarded the William J. Lasarow Award for his extraordinary pro bono services at the San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy Self-Help Center. “People like Mark epitomize what the Self-Help Center is all about: to make sure everyone— even people who can’t afford an attorney—have access to the bankruptcy court,” said NLSLA Executive… Read more »

NLSLA And Partners Celebrate First Year Of New MLCP Collaborative

NLSLA was proud to join its partners in celebrating the one year anniversary of the Medical Legal Community Partnership-LA Health Collaborative, an expansive MLCP project that leverages the expertise of Los Angeles’ most prominent legal services organizations to improve health outcomes for individuals, families and communities throughout the County. “This collaboration, where advocates from NLSLA,… Read more »