Monthly Archives: June 2020

Andrea Tozer, NLSLA Board Member & Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year

Before Andrea Tozer joined NLSLA’s Board of Directors, she took on several pro bono cases for the organization, representing immigrants who were the victims of violence. One of those cases stands out as both particularly troubling and especially rewarding. Her client had come to the United States to escape horrific gang violence, but found violence… Read more »

Helping the Newly Unemployed Weather the Storm

Since efforts to contain the pandemic effectively shut down the California economy in late March, more than 1.3 million Los Angeles County residents have become unemployed. Among them is Henry, a 69-year old washing-machine operator and driver for a restaurant supply company who provides for himself and his wife. When he lost his job, he… Read more »

We’re Counting On You

The impact of the novel coronavirus on the communities we serve is just beginning to surface, and we know that, for people living in poverty, the worst is yet to come. In order to meet the growing needs of our communities, I need your financial support and urge you to make a donation today. A recent… Read more »

Black Lives Matter

Dear Friends: We are, at this moment, a nation in anguish. The pain and anger bringing people to the street in demonstrations across the country was sparked by police brutality, but it is fueled by myriad longstanding injustices and inequalities. At NLSLA we see the result of these entrenched disparities every day. We see it… Read more »