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NLSLA Sues To Protect The Immigrant Victims Of Violent Crimes

It’s been almost four years since A.S.’s husband tried to kill her, stabbing her repeatedly until a neighbor ran in to help. The shock and trauma of that day are still fresh, and A.S. can’t tell the story without breaking down. “After the first time he stabbed me I still didn’t know what he was… Read more »

NLSLA Protects 45,000 Low-Income Renters in Successful Lawsuit

Thanks to your support and the dedication of NLSLA’s advocates, more than 45,000 families who depend on Section 8 rental subsidies are now protected from sudden, illegal rent hikes that threatened to push them into homelessness. In a major victory for low-income renters across the city, NLSLA secured a groundbreaking settlement requiring the Los Angeles… Read more »

“Homelessness is more than just losing your home.”

When Rebecca Gutierrez learned her rent was going to increase by 300 percent, she was terrified. Rebecca shares her apartment, which is subsidized with a Section 8 voucher, with her five children and one granddaughter. She raised her children in the small but warm space, and every inch of wall is covered with photos of… Read more »

Confusion Leaves Low-Income Children In Health Care Limbo

Read California Healthline’s coverage of NLSLA’s advocacy efforts on behalf of low-income children who are denied necessary health services because providers use the wrong eligibility standard to determine whether they qualify for care. By Jocelyn Wiener CaliforniHealthline.org   Tania Alvarado’s 13-year-old daughter doesn’t smile much anymore. She doesn’t want anyone to see her front teeth,… Read more »

NLSLA Lawsuit Says LA County Puts Lives at Risk By Failing to Process Medi-Cal Renewals

Children, pregnant women, people with serious health conditions and disabilities are left to suffer without medication and health care after County unlawfully stops benefits LOS ANGELES, CA – When Thaddeus Moncrief, who has depended on Medi-Cal since a spinal cord injury left him paralyzed in 1989, was told he had lost his coverage, he assumed… Read more »

NLSLA Self Help Center Helps Extraordinary Couple Adopt 7 Nieces and Nephews

Last year, Shelly Aguilera could not have imagined that her family of four would soon become a family of eleven. But when her seven nieces and nephews were left without parents and without a home, Shelly and her husband Ramon knew what they had to do. The kids had been struggling for a long time…. Read more »

NLSLA Client Used Her Own Story to Help Others

Courage, said Ernest Hemingway, is grace under pressure. There were more than 200 people gathered at St. Elisabeth church in the San Fernando Valley on a winter evening in 2009, and they were all under immense pressure. It was more than a year into the economic downturn, and the housing market had collapsed. Almost everyone… Read more »

Video: Fighting for Acess to Life-Saving Health Care

Jenny Pho Hua was terrified of losing her father. In the middle of successful treatment for an aggressive cancer, his insurance disrupted his care and forced him to seek treatment with unqualified physicians. Jenny worked tirelessly to get her father’s treatment restored, but nothing worked. That’s when she reached out to NLSLA.  

Video: Fighting Unlawful Foreclosures, Protecting the American Dream

Anabeht and Armando Velasco were among the many families in Los Angeles facing foreclosure because of their bank’s systematic disregard of federally-backed loan modification agreements and repeated attempts to foreclose on the homes of compliant borrowers. Their case underscored a widespread and pernicious practice whereby banks enter into loan modification agreements with eligible homeowners while… Read more »

Client Story: Fighting Race Discrimination in Housing

For years, families in the Antelope Valley participating in the Section 8 program watched with fear as their community turned against them, as their city leaders instituted policies that stripped them of their rights, as the very program designed by the federal government to help them was used to push them out of their neighborhood… Read more »