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Video: NLSLA and Sun Valley Residents Win Environmental Justice Fight

Sun Valley is quite literally Los Angeles’ dumping ground. Although the area is home to only two percent of the city’s population, it handles some 42 percent of the city’s trash. NLSLA began working with families in Sun Valley when Waste Management, the largest trash disposal company in North America, asked the city of Los… Read more »

Video: Fighting for Acess to Life-Saving Health Care

Jenny Pho Hua was terrified of losing her father. In the middle of successful treatment for an aggressive cancer, his insurance disrupted his care and forced him to seek treatment with unqualified physicians. Jenny worked tirelessly to get her father’s treatment restored, but nothing worked. That’s when she reached out to NLSLA.  

Video: Fighting Unlawful Foreclosures, Protecting the American Dream

Anabeht and Armando Velasco were among the many families in Los Angeles facing foreclosure because of their bank’s systematic disregard of federally-backed loan modification agreements and repeated attempts to foreclose on the homes of compliant borrowers. Their case underscored a widespread and pernicious practice whereby banks enter into loan modification agreements with eligible homeowners while… Read more »