Deborah Torres was on the brink of losing her home, and she didn’t know where to turn to for help. On the day a sell date was posted on her front door, Ms. Torres called NLSLA. She was introduced to the organization through One LA, a coalition of faith-based institutions, schools, unions, and non-profits that partnered with Neighborhood Legal Services to respond to the devastating impact of the foreclosure crisis on LA’s low- income communities.

NLSLA attorney Antonio Hicks was able to halt the sale of Ms. Torres’ home and begin the process of securing a loan modification through the federal Home Affordable Torres’ bank pressured her family to accept a modification with monthly payments that were far higher than those to which she was entitled under the HAMP program. NLSLA attorneys had to navigate the complicated chain of command at the bank to get the mistake corrected, and give Ms. Torres a modification that would allow her family to stay in their home.

“I was about to lose my home when NLSLA came to the rescue,” Ms. Torres said. “ I consider them my guardian angel. They were caring, upfront, and truthful, and they worked hard to help me. They were more than outstanding.”

Deborah Torres has since referred many other families facing foreclosure to NLSLA, She also has been volunteering at the organization’s foreclosure clinics as an interpreter—helping other families at risk of losing their homes—and is pursuing a paralegal certificate that would enable her to devote more of her time to providing legal services for low-income people.