The San Fernando Valley Bar Association will honor former NLSLA family law attorney and Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Harvey Silberman as Judge of the Year for his lifelong commitment to justice.

Silberman, who joined NLSLA in 1998 to direct the organization’s family law and domestic violence work, first came to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a television writer. He worked on several popular comedies in the 1980s, but shifted his focus to public service as the AIDS epidemic claimed the lives of more and more friends.

“In 1987, I went to 62 funerals. I began to find it difficult to be funny all day long when all of these terrible things were happening,” Silberman said in this months’ Valley Lawyer magazine. “I felt I needed to get involved helping all of these sick people. So, I gave up my television career and I went to law school at USC.”

After graduating, Silberman became the first staff attorney at AIDS Project Los Angeles.

“It was challenging work but I didn’t feel it was work I could shrink from,” he said. “I continued working in public interest law in the San Fernando Valley for many years through Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, where I supervised a number of courthouse based domestic violence clinics and served clients who were sheltered at Haven Hills.”

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