NLSLA talked to the Daily Journal about the potential impact of the proposed elimination of the federal Legal Services Corporation, which funds legal services organizations throughout the country. Deputy Director Yvonne Mariajimenez told Daily Journal┬áreporter America Hernandez that the impact of the cuts would go far beyond the hard number of cases legal services groups report to the federal government. Here’s an excerpt from the March 20 article:

Yvonne Mariajimenez, deputy director at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles, noted that often what appears reported to the government as one case can be an impact lawsuit against administrative agencies that resolves problems for thousands of people.

“We had a paraplegic man come in who was terminated from MediCal and didn’t know why. He had reapplied and heard nothing, and it turned out that because of a systems issue with the Department of Social Services the renewal forms weren’t being processed,” Mariajimenez explained.

“Often our best work and most effective work happens outside the courtroom,” she added, like when newborn babies in Los Angeles County were not being automatically added to their mothers’ Medicare for the first year, as required. The issue was resolved with the agency without a lawsuit ever being filed.