In a remarkable victory for access to healthcare and due process, a superior court judge in Oakland has halted wrongful Medi-Cal terminations statewide after NLSLA and its partners sued to end the state’s illegal practices.

Starting last November, hundreds of thousands of Med-Cal recipients began receiving notices in English from the state that their benefits were being terminated because annual renewal forms were not properly completed.

“The court found that the state failed to sufficiently inform people of their rights. The notices recipients received did not explain what information was missing; nor did the state advise beneficiaries that they had 90 days to fix the renewal forms and submit additional information,” said NLSLA Attorney, Cori Racela.

Neighborhood Legal Services, along with pro bono lawyers from Kirkland & Ellis and other legal services groups, filed suit on behalf of the LA’s Korean Resource Center to stop the terminations until beneficiaries received a proper explanation in the language they spoke. The court decision means millions of eligible Medi-Cal recipients across the state are now protected from losing critical healthcare benefits without due process.