Victims of domestic violence will have a new place to turn for help in Chatsworth, where NLSLA is opening a Self Help Legal Access Center in the Chatsworth Courthouse. The new center will provide legal information and education to litigants requiring protection from domestic violence, resolving child custody disputes, seeking a divorce, or looking to respond to an eviction to avoid homelessness.

“We are so excited to finally open a self help center in Chatsworth, and to bring theseĀ  critical services to the community,” said NLSLA’s Director of Access to Justice Initiatives Ana Maria Garcia, who oversees the organization’s extensive network of self help centers. “NLSLA has been working with Chatsworth families for years on issues such as bankruptcy and housing, and we look forward to expanding those services.”

NLSLA’s network of self help centers–the largest in the nation–is staffed by NLSLA advocates, legal services partners’ staff, dedicated volunteers, and Justice Corps students who have helped close to a million people access the courts during the past decade.