When someone calls for an ambulance, they are at their most vulnerable. They are afraid for their life, or for the life of a loved one. So it’s especially concerning that at this very moment, despite being insured, they might be accruing medical debt that could paralyze them for decades.

What good are emergency services if you can’t get to them? How could the stay at the hospital be covered, but not the ride to the hospital?

Most people assume that ambulatory services are covered by their health insurance. And they are shocked when, after undergoing a medical emergency, they are on the hook for thousands—and sometimes tens of thousands—of dollars from a private ambulance company or the County fire department.

NLSLA has helped many people resolve medical debt issues arising from emergency transportation services, but there are thousands more in Los Angeles County who do not know their rights or do not have the ability to fight unlawful medical debt. And the weight of that debt can crush them.

Listen to NLSLA’s Charles Gillig discuss the issue with NBC4 consumer investigator Randy Mac: