The New York Times ran an excellent article about NLSLA and our award-winning housing work leading the Shriver Project – LA, which provides legal representation to people facing eviction in some of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods. Here’s an excerpt from the piece, “A Push for Legal Aid in Civil Cases Finds Its Advocates:”

Established in 2011, the center is part of an experiment by the California courts on the benefits of providing more lawyers and legal advice to low-income people in civil cases such as child custody, protective orders against abusers, guardianship and, most commonly, evictions.

 “We’re trying to level the playing field,” said Neal S. Dudovitz, the executive director of Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, a group that manages the eviction center in the downtown courthouse.

With funds from the Shriver Project, as the experiment is known, supporting about 16 lawyers from four legal aid groups, the center is providing full or partial assistance to one-third of the 15,000 tenants who face evictions each year in this courthouse alone.

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