On January 1, 2020, new protections for all California renters went into effect. AB 1482, known as the Tenant Protection Act, gives California renters, including everyone in Los Angeles County, additional protections from steep rent increases and evictions.
The new law sets limits on how much landlords of many rental units can raise rents each year, and requires all property owners to have a valid legal reason—or “just cause”—to evict a tenant.
As the lead organization for both the Shriver Housing Project – LA, which provides eviction defense to tenants in some of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods, and the county’s network of Self-Help Legal Access Centers, which assists self-represented litigants in answering Unlawful Detainers, NLSLA is positioned to help tenants across the county to benefit from these new protections.
The law has the potential to prevent homelessness, but many renters will need the help of a lawyer to benefit from its provisions. NLSLA is working to educate tenants about their rights under the new law, and to identify tenants who need further assistance in fighting evictions or rent increases that are no longer legal.