Medical Legal Community Partnerships (MLCPs)

The social determinants of heath — inadequate income, substandard housing, food insecurity, lack of health insurance and education — have a greater impact on health than the actual delivery of medical services. To truly change health outcomes for individuals and communities, doctors and lawyers must work together to address the key social determinants impacting patient wellbeing.

That’s why NLSLA attorneys, based at community clinics and hospitals in Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods, are collaborating with doctors to identify the social determinants of health while providing individual legal assistance and advocating for systemic change to transform community health status.

NLSLA attorneys are located at:

St. John’s Well Child & Family Centers in South Los Angeles

NLSLA partnered with St. John’s Well Child & Family Center to open the first Medical-Legal Partnership housed in a community clinic. In South Los Angeles, all of the major negative determinants of health have converged to create a perfect storm. Poverty, substandard housing, unemployment, and an alarming lack of access to care have led to astoundingly high rates of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. NLSLA attorneys work with St. John’s clinic staff to address these health disparities.

Northeast Valley Health Corp. at the Sun Valley Health Center

An innovative clinic located on the campus of a middle school in Sun Valley, an area once described as  “ground zero for the health care crisis in Los Angeles County” by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. This MLCP truly meets parents and children right where they are. NLSLA attorneys work at the clinic to address legal issues tied to individual and family health. Our advocates also work with the Sun Valley community to address environmental injustices in the low-income, predominantly Latino community, which has far more than its fair share of polluting businesses.

Wellness Center at Historic General Hospital in Boyle Heights

A previously deserted Los Angeles landmark now home to one of the most innovative preventive health centers in the nation. At the Wellness Center, NLSLA works with on-site health and wellness partner agencies—as well as doctors, nurses and social workers at the adjacent LAC+USC Medical campus—to eliminate barriers to care and benefits and address those issues that impact individual, family and community health.