Neighborhood Legal Services believes access to safe, affordable housing is essential to the health of individuals, families and communities. The organization works to preserve affordable housing and rent control, prevent unlawful evictions and foreclosures, and fight discrimination in Section 8 and other government-subsidized housing. Attorneys provide a range of services, from advice and counsel to individual representation and high-impact litigation.

Our housing work includes innovative projects designed to address specific, timely issues. One of these is the award-winning Shriver Housing Project—an unprecedented collaborative led by Neighborhood Legal Services—which provides eviction defense at the downtown Stanley Mosk Courthouse, where more than 25 percent of the County’s Unlawful Detainer cases are filed by landlords seeking to terminate rental agreements. The program focuses on litigants from Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods, where housing resources are limited and many residents are at risk of becoming homeless.

Neighborhood Legal Services also helps qualified homeowners obtain mortgage loan modifications and pursue other loss mitigation measures through the organization’s Foreclosure Prevention Project, which advocates at the individual and policy level on behalf of homeowners who have been wronged by their lenders in the modification process. As part of the Foreclosure Prevention Project, Neighborhood Legal Services attorneys assess homeowners for potential modifications, assist with modification applications, refer to partner HUD-certified counseling agencies, and address other related legal issues.


If you have received an eviction lawsuit (Summons and Complaint – Unlawful Detainer), please go immediately to our nearest Self Help Legal Access Center for help preparing an Answer. You must respond in time to protect important rights.

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