Caron returned to NLSLA this year, after four and a half years at the Ventura Superior Court, to serve as a Managing Attorney overseeing special projects. Caron began her legal career at NLSLA as a legal intern. In 1990, she was hired as a family law staff attorney and soon became the Family Law Advocacy group’s Supervising Attorney. Caron went on to develop NLSLA’s Community Economic Development and Self-Help Advocacy
groups, and lead a team of advocates in creating and implementing NLSLA’s first Self-Help Center. She oversaw the development of six more Self-Help Centers and, in 2003, became a Managing Attorney in the Family Law, Housing and Self-Help Advocacy groups.

In 2007, Caron left NLSLA to become the first Family Law Case Coordinator at the Ventura Superior Court, where she developed a Family Law Case Management system and created a series of local rules that simplified the family law procedure for self-represented litigants.

Since returning to NLSLA, Caron has written grants, overseen the annual Performance review process, and is working with a team of advocates to create NLSLA’s Centralized Intake structure.